About Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union

Our schools include Bennington Elementary School, Molly Stark Elementary School, Monument Elementary School,
Pownal Elementary School, Shaftsbury Elementary School, Woodford Elementary School, Mount Anthony Union Middle
School, and Mount Anthony Union High School


Creating a Climate of Possibilities!

Vision Statement

The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union is committed to developing life-long learners who contribute to their
community and succeed in a diverse and evolving global society.


  1. The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union provides a caring, safe, and healthy learning environment in a child centered, respectful community that includes all participants’ voices in the process of learning. SVSU staff members genuinely model our vision and mission for students, each other, and the community.
  2. We provide instructional content and learning opportunities through evidence based instructional programs that are implemented with fidelity and combined with opportunities for creativity and innovation.
  3. Students are engaged in relevant and applicable instruction that is balanced for the success of each student and is collaborative, multisensory, and differentiated to promote success for all.
  4. Learning is assessed and monitored through a multifaceted assessment system to provide students with immediate feedback and to drive next steps in instruction to meet standards based, specific goals for learning and measure the effectiveness of programs.

Some of the focus areas are

  • high quality early childhood education
  • positive behavior supports
  • active learning
  • digital technology
  • social skills development

  • We are committed to building skills for the future, including problem solving, perseverance, and the ability to apply skills to be college and career ready. Our digital learning is growing to meet these challenges with increasing access to individual technology tools. The success of implementing changes in our classrooms is
    the direct result of the remarkable work of our teachers, support staff members, principals, and parents.

    Our classrooms are alive with imagination, energy, and a love for learning.

    CI3T – Comprehensive, Integrated Three-tier Model of Support (right)

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